Gilmar Crane

Safety Tip of the Week

“If you mess up, don’t hesitate to ‘fess up.”

Not following this safety tip can lead to:

BANDAGES & AMBULANCE — Little problems often become big problems if no one takes the initiative to correct them. Every year, employees die or are hurt at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 4,383 workers died as a result of work injuries in 2012. Some accidents are unavoidable, but others could have been prevented if only the problem had been reported.

COURTS & LAW — Lawsuits are an unfortunate reality when workplace hazards cause injuries or deaths. Even if your company wins a lawsuit, the costs associated with defending the suit can be steep.

LOST PRODUCTIVITY — When an accident or injury occurs, productivity can suffer. Obviously the injured employee might be unable to work for days or weeks, but productivity in the entire company also can be affected. If the hazard involves a malfunctioning machine, the machine must be shut down, inspected and repaired or replaced.

OTHER CONSEQUENCES — In some cases, unreported workplace hazards not only affect your company, but your community. For example, if your warehouse or manufacturing plant explodes due to a gas leak, the resulting fire might spread to other businesses or homes, which can result in increased costs and liability for your company. If gas, oil or chemicals leak into the soil and contaminate the ground water, you might face an expensive cleanup and a blemished reputation in your community. Failure to report and repair a hazard also can result in other expenses.

Safety Tip of the Week